Many organizations approach cyber security with a defensive posture which includes perimeter defense (firewalls and anti-virus softare), access control, and ensuring employees are being responsible to deter malware and phising attempts.  

Many organizations lean on service providers for DDoS, intrusion detection and network based security offerings.  However, the increased sophistication of malware is making traditional cybersecurity efforts to be less and less effective.  

IN8 security solution providers are using self learning AI to provide increased resillency and even an offensive approach to protecting resources verus the traditional defensive mindset.  



A cyber attack can interrupt business operations, impact productivity, diminish brand value, and expose organizations legally and financially.  Furthermore, as the digital transformation broadens the value of data increases and is quickly becoming one of the more important assets of organizations.  Many executives have not adequately funded network security until a breach occurs.  Businesses need scalable and economical security solutions to mitigate risk and protect value.  

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