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IN8 Solutions’ portfolio brings a broad range of wireless solutions from mobile device management, asset management, cost optimization, wireless failover and 24×7 Helpdesk support.


Mobility / IoT

Companies have approached cost optimization by finding the lowest-cost unlimited data plan. However, that solution is generally not the best value for most organizations.

The Mobility Landscape

Approximately 98% of employee smartphones are used for business.  However, recent industry trends confirm that business organizations are retreating from personally liable BYOD (bring your own device) policies of the prior decade. 

Currently 95% of businesses have either IT or finance organizations managing mobility spending with larger companies of 500+ devices paying up to 30% too much in mobility costs.  

Automation & AI

An individual in IT or Finance using a MDM or WEM platform is limited by the hours they work and the full scope of their responsibilities.    

Machine learning can be deployed to analyze and optimize cost 24×7.

Automation can be deployed to integrate with help desk applications and ERP systems for onboarding and exiting mobile devices as staffing changes.

No Wireless Provider Change

We work directly with leading wireless providers and will help to optimize expense management within your current environment.  

Next Steps

Schedule a discovery call – we need to understand the current wireless environment and the business objectives. 

Cost optimization requires some historical data.  We will provide instructions on how to upload the raw data from the last three invoices for evaluation.

Follow up call – to present savings opportunities, schedule platform demonstrations, etc.  

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