IN8 Solutions leverages our broad range of network solutions to identify the lower-cost provider, while at the same time addressing the business needs for diversity and redundancy.  

Managed services options are available across all the solution platforms, which include DIA, MPLS, SD-WAN, broadband, and wireless back-up services.

When your applications are mission-critical, let IN8 help source the best network options to access those critical applications.  



IN8 solutions will augment your IT and Procurement teams to source the flexible and scalable solutions enterprises need.  Our scope of engagements have included small single site entities and non-profits, to large global deployments and even mission critical next generation 911 services for public entities.  Our engineers will consult with you and help to scope the solution and technology roadmap.   

Dedicated Internet Access

IN8 DIA provdiers support broadband, ethernet, fiber, and wireless access types to deliver the dedicated bandwidth.  Our engineers will help to determine which access type is best based on the applications, bandwidth requiresments, and accomodation for sacalability.  

Bandwidth profiles range from business class broadband to 100 Gbps ethernet or wave solutions.  Dynamic bandwidth scaling is available with some offerings. 


IN8 private network solution providers utilize the same access types available for DIA, however, provide private backbone networks for a more secure network environment.  

Are you looking to connect remote locations to form a single network, or connecting to a cloud service provider, or deploying a disaster recovery solution?

IN8 can help – our broad provider portfolio can help to source the right solution at the right price  by leveraging those relationships to the benefit of your organization.  


Digital transformation is at the core of software defined solutions.  IN8 engineers will help develop and design your next generation strategy with a multi path secure network.  

Existing private MPLS/VPLS/IP VPN network can be integrated to form a Hybrid solution or migrate to SD-WAN entirely.  

IN8 service provider portfolio supports all common SD-WAN platforms.  

Broadband and LTE can also be utilized for secondary or tertiary connections to increase diversity across access mediums and enhance redundancy.  

Our Approach

 Through discovery meetings IN8 will validate the scope of the engagement. A quote template is utilized to ensure each provider is quoting the same solution.  For larger engagements we will generate 5-7 competing quotes.   IN8 will verify that diversity requirements are satisfied in the quoting process.   Once all quotes have been returned IN8 will review the quotes from a pre-tax and estimated-tax standpoint.  IN8 will summarize the data for ease of executive review and provide recommendations and/or considerations.

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